JEN SX3000


Synth Magic Jen SX3000.

Custom instrument based on the fantastic Jen SX1000 Synthetone mono synth.

High quality sample content.

Random preset generator.

Sequencer with save/load mode.

Over 200 great presets to get you started.

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Immediate download after checkout

Requires full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher


Synth Magic Jen SX3000.


This Kontakt instrument (full version of Kontakt is required not the free Kontakt Player) based on the fantastic little Italian, budget mono synth
– the Jen SX 1000 Synthetone.

We sampled our Jen SX1000, every note, every octave using high quality converters.We have added a few twists ourselves such as interval generators, sub oscillators from a Moog, lots of effects – and best of all we added our custom sequencer, which has undergone a major revamp and can now store/read patterns for instant playback.

The graphical user interface has been designed by renowned GUI designer Anders Hedström, who has done an amazing recreating the front panels.

Lots of presets plus a new random preset generator – easily create new and exciting presets by pressing one button.

We also sampled the Jen SX1000 with its white card preset overlays and have a white panel version of the GUI representing the Jen with its card overlays in place. We also created lots of new presets of our own (on the real Jen) and re-sampled them. We believe this instrument is the most comprehensive representation of a real Jen SX1000 available.

Please see our video and audio demos below. All sounds are from the Jen SX3000 and are included in the presets. Only effects supplied with the Jen SX3000 have been used.

The synth section features aftertouch to vibrato and aftertouch to filter cutoff, allowing for some really great expressive sounds.


The sequencer can now store a number of patterns and recall them instantly, allowing you to build up your compositions on the fly.

We also added a random sequence generator – at the touch of a button a completly new pattern will be created and random cutoff and resonance patterns too! Very inspirational and the source of hours of fun and great patterns.